Monday, May 9, 2011

Seven Years On, London’s Congestion Charging Scheme Has Had Little Effect On Air Pollution

Congestion and air pollution are killing the world’s major cities. Among them: New York, Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai and London to name a few. And if you believe the most skewed of environmentalist hype, it’s all down to personal transport. Only it’s not. The UK’s Health Effects Institute (HEI) recently released details of a study called the, “The Impact of the Congestion Charging Scheme on Air Quality in London,” that shows that things may not be as clear-cut as some of us thought.
Led by Professor Frank Kelly of King’s College London, the study (as the title suggests) investigated what affect London’s much-derided Congestion Charging Scheme has had on the city’s air quality. The result: not much. Through the use of emissions / exposure modeling, analysis of air monitoring data and the, “assay for the oxidative potential of particulate matter,” Professor Kelly and his colleagues found:
“From their comparison of actual air pollutant measurements within the CCZ with those at control sites in Outer London, the investigators reported little evidence of CCS-related changes in pollutant levels at roadside monitoring sites, where their modeling had suggested the most pronounced effects would be seen.

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