Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ferrari 430 Scuderia: Uncompromising Performances

By Passione Rossa

The 430 Scuderia is a Ferrari high performance mid-engine coupe with an 8 cylinder engine. The model is based on the F430 but features some extraordinary characteristics which turn it into a unique supercar. One of strongest and purest Ferrari in terms of uncompromising sportiness and has an appearance as well as sound of immense impact. It is one of the best cars for the most passionate and sporty customers who love driving

their Ferraris in a race track environment and that are looking to constantly experience the limits of performance.

The engine is a development of the 4308 cm3 90° V8 engine mounted in the F430 which benefits from a series of modifications to enhance the automobile performance. The power output is increased from the 114 CV/liter of the F430 to the 118 CV/liter with an overall power output of 510 hp.
Adjustments have been made to the air intake system which has been optimized to reduce load loss whether the use of carbon fiber air filter box has allowed minimizing weight. New, specifically designed pistons have been used on this car to increase the compression ratio to 11.88:1. The overall outcome of these modifications is demonstrated by the torque and power output curves.
The sound of the engine and exhaust is one of the distinctive features of all Ferraris and the 430 Scuderia does not make any exceptions. Specific devices have been introduced into the air intake system to modulate and emphasize the engine's sound which is clearly heard inside the car, becoming particularly powerful and invigorating when the accelerator is pushed. The overall performance of the Scuderia can be compared to the Ferrari Enzo, which is known as the supercar with the best performance of any other car designed for road usage. Like the Ferrari Enzo, the 430 Scuderia performed an impressive time of 1:25 at Fiorano race track.
The results was achieved thanks to the car engine's improved performance output, its lightness, its improved aerodynamics efficiency as well as braking system with larger-sized carbon ceramic brake discs. Several chassis developments and specific front tires with enhanced levels of grip also contributed in achieving 430 Scuderia outstanding performance. The integrated E-Diff in the gear change is probably the most significant feature in making the Ferrari drive like a racing car. After the F430, the 430 Scuderia is the first on road car with top performances to feature an electronically controlled differential unit. The E-Diff is regulated thru the manettino on the steering wheel and allows varying the set up accordingly to the driver demands as well as road conditions.

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