Saturday, May 28, 2011

Interior of Ferrari 308

By Sandra A Williams

Ferrari 308 is a series of two seats, exotic sports cars for road use. Since its start in 1975 with Ferrari 308 GTB these cars have defined the image of Ferrari in the minds of general public as well as enthusiasts.
Although Ferrari 308 is primarily sports oriented and a luxury car as such, it does not mean that the luxury and comfort aspects of the car are neglected. The interior of Ferrari 308 makes it completely clear.

Ferrari 308 established new standards by the design of its interior. Before 308, no two seated performance oriented car had as comfortable and roomy interior as this one. Very few of them had adjustable seats.
There have been several changes in the interior design of Ferrari 308 series cars over the years but all of these follow the finest traditions of Italian design and provide a sense of luxury and comfort. In its original version 308 had adjustable, leather covered thin shell seats that were very comfortable and supportive. The height of central console was parallel to the seat and it did not extend up to the front bulkhead. The binnacle in front of the steering wheel was dominated by speed and tachometer and also supported gauges for fuel, oil pressure, engine oil temperature etc. Additional gauges were on the lower right of the main binnacle. The console also contains a chromed gear stick and various other controls.
With time 308's interior changed along with other things like engine, suspension etc. These changes included a flat black binnacle facia, instead of the brushed aluminum. Oil and temperature gauges are moved to the central console that contained the gear shifter stick. The stitching pattern of the leather seats were changed as well.
There were additional changes in the interior of later models such as 308QV. These included an improved tighter stitching of seat cover, a tidier central console and a modernized mono steering wheel with thicker and reshaped spoke and rim. The map pockets in each door were made a little larger as well.
Throughout these changes Ferrari 308 has maintained the degree of quality and design that people has come to expect of Ferrari cars as well as the particular theme set by original Ferrari 308. All things considered 308 series cars have one of the best interior design for the cars of its class.

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