Thursday, May 26, 2011

Airbag Fail, But Not the Way You Might Think….

It is full of air, it reacts in a fraction of a second and has saved thousands of lives over the years. We’re talking about the automotive airbag, the invention of which is credited to an American industrial engineer and member of the U.S. Navy, John W. Hetrick, who patented the original system in the beginning of the 1950s. As is often the case with innovative designs and ideas, the importance of the airbag in safety was neglected at first and it took several more decades for automakers to accept and incorporate it into mainstream vehicles.
But along with automakers, came some not so bright individuals who found a new use for the car airbag which doesn’t involve safety but the exact opposite. Joining a long line of bored but dim-witted folks who pass their time playing around with airbags is this man. You can enjoy his encounter with the safety cushion and see what happens next in the video after the break.

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