Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Force Feedback Racing Wheel - Don't Buy Until You Read This Review

By David Doolin

If you've ever imagined yourself behind the wheel of a real Ferrari, this is the racing wheel for you! Officially licensed by Ferrari, the Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Force Feedback Racing Wheel is modeled after the real thing, meaning the same passion, performance, quality and innovation have gone into the production of this replica as the real thing. Great attention to detail is evident. From the large 11 inch wheel and Manettino dial function control to the wheel mounted gear box, the Thrustmaster F430 rocks! Aside from a minor gripe, this is as close as most of us will get to sitting behind the wheel of a real Ferrari.
Need to adjust to track or weather conditions? No problem, the Manettino dial allows you to adjust on the fly. Change the braking force, power steering, traction and more as you scream down the straights and skid around the curves. The large 11 wheel quickly responds to your touch allowing you to recover from those crucial situations in the "nick of time".
Some features on the Thrustmaster F430 worth mentioning are:
  • Official Ferrari licensed product

  • 5-position Manettino dial

  • May be configured as Manual or Automatic

  • Aluminum, sequential, Ferrari style, wheel-mounted gearbox

  • Powerful Force Feedback with Touch sense technology

  • 8 direction D-Pad and 10 easy access action buttons

  • Exact replica of the steering wheel of the Ferrari F430

  • Streamlined, elegant design

  • Adjustable braking force distribution, traction and power steering

  • Extra-large 11 inch wheel

  • "Best Wheel for the Money!" according to some reviews.

Now to the minor gripe:
  • The wheel on the Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 is extremely sensitive. While some racing wheels provide a full 900 degrees of turning to get from lock to lock, the Thrustmaster F430 gives about 200. What that means is a ninety degree turn on other racing wheels would take about 2.5 turns. On the Thrustmaster F430 it takes a little over half a turn. Not necessarily a disadvantage if you can get used to its quick response. It certainly gets you out of a jam quickly if you can learn to control it. May be a bit too sensitive for some likes though. Just depends on your personal preference.

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