Friday, May 6, 2011

New VW Amarok Takes Down a 140 Tonne Chimney

Volkswagen marked the UK launch of its new Amarok truck with a rather unusual demonstration, using four pickups to demolish a gigantic, 67-meter (220 feet) tall steel chimney weighing in at around 140 tons. To complete a job that would normally have been done by a 40-ton excavator, structural engineers and demolition experts meticulously planned the task, undertaking a series of tests to see if the Amaroks had the necessary power and traction to do the job.
The structure was prepared using a standard procedure of flame cutting a “shark’s mouth” at the base of the chimney in order to reduce its structural integrity while ensuring that it remained free standing. The cars were fitted with a “quick release” safety mechanism for the towing ropes to ensure the safety of the stunt drivers in case the structure fell in the wrong direction.

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