Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ducati 1198 SP

Awesome Ducati SBK for several generations, an invention is even more desirable, since the beginning of 1098 / 1198, released in 2007 series, extended later 1198 in powerful 2009 cubic centimeters. Gorgeous, emotive and devilishly hard, Ducati 1198 is very special.

But for fans of bags, especially the Italian motorcycle fan, based on 1198 may not be very special.
Re-enter the award to Ms Ducati Superbike 1198 2011.
SP is a synonym for the production of sport, which is the nomenclature that Ducati has been used for decades indicate some of the top models in the range of his superbike series. This line is extended to 851 SP that debuted in 1989.
Additional equipment, powerful 1198 SP adds all the bits of the old 1198 S (suspension Ohlins and false Marchesini in), as well as a clutch of fast Ducati, Ohlins TTX (former T36PR), pantoufle shocks and an aluminium fuel tank. Sells for $21.795, only $200 more than the previous version of s.
Ducati 1198 achieves significant improvements for 2011
In Italian motorcycle terms, the value of the cultures of rarely speak. But the basic model, the Ducati 1198 MY2011 is a value added proposition.
For the same price of $16.495 loaded in 2010, 1198 base comes now with Ducati Ducati traction control gearbox of Ducati as Analyzer fast standard data.
The old 1198 S replaces the SP again discussed here. 1198 Corsica $39.995 is removed from the range of 2011. Anyone who has an 1198 R contained special approval or Superbike, production was minimal, according to Ducati.
Also in the Superbike Ducati alignment is the new 848 EVO, which we recently tried the famous circuit of Imola in Italy
Italian dream date
If we had the historic Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola, it costs some sessions in 848 EVO. With much more energy than a 600cc supersport and a superb chassis similar to Ms 1198 848 machine puts considerable ass around a race track.
Although the power of the 140 crankshaft is more than enough SP 1198 offers a supplement of 30 caballos-parte Ms keeps same engine optimization in 2010, if the SP should double the 147 hpAbbiamo seen on rear wheel of the 1198Nós s tried last year.
But in the mountains of the couple that has our attention during the removal of the pits in Imola, the front wheel is regularly produced the bridge with some deaf couple of rear wheel 87 pounds. 350 Cm3 extra from 1198 to grunt in 848 is impossible to ignore, brutally catapult of output from all the corners and making 848 saw a wimp compared.
And while speeding up, you will enjoy the new Ducati. Use a micro-conmutador of Exchange that provides a brief interruption in the fuel/spark Bang out top at full speed without dipping into the clutch. This is simply not practical for a pilot, but also reduces the time of journey of 230ms few seeking a reduction of 65% of the time.
DQS worked perfectly under my feet, while a runner in the event, said that it was not good enough as a Dynojet quick changeover. The quality of reducing deviation of Ducati is one of the few excellent areas for motorcycles, which mitigates the hand higher DQS. The 1198 also received this upgrade.

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