Friday, July 8, 2011

Bugatti Altess Concept

Bugatti is one of the brands that represents perfection in the automotive world and thus a source of inspiration for many designers across the world. Amadou Ndiaye from Montreal, Canada is one of them. He has come up with the breathtaking Buggati Altess Concept. The beauty comes draped with looks that can leave any onlooker in a swooning state. The industrial designer has left no stone unturned to craft a potential heartthrob on roads.

Amadou has fetched heavy inspiration from Bugatti Atlantic, which ruled the roads during the 1930’s. The fashionable coupe will endow a user with the flexibility to use it as a comfort-loaded typical Buggati or let the wind kiss their skin in a true racer style. The fa├žade comes draped with neat cuts and has a spine that splits the car for an added grace. The hood, roof, rear quarter panels and windows can be swapped with a single-piece panel, which is lighter. It will provide much needed protection and keep passengers safe.
If you are in a mood to flirt with the sun and open surroundings, Buggati Altess will bow down to all such wishes. Simply, convert it into an open sports car and see the fun that follows. The eye-appealing shape sets it apart from a majority of coupes seen on roads. It will make heartbeats stop and people freeze after setting their eyes on this dainty vehicle. Buggati Altess is class apart and will definitely be a winner with such drop-dead gorgeous looks. So, use it as a roadster or a comfortable coupe, the choice is yours!

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