Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Black Card Holders Just as Likely to own a Hyundai as a Bentley or an Audi

If you are one of American Express’ very special customers, and have US$16.3 million in assets and an annual household income of around US$1.3 million, you may be granted the privilege of one of their black Centurion Cards.
Simon Cowell has one, as does Kanye West, Denzel Washington and Lindsay Lohan. Interestingly, and of more concern to readers of this blog, you might also be the proud owner of a Hyundai.

During the course of a presentation at the South Korean automaker’s Ann Arbor engineering and research centre, Hyundai’s U.S. Chief John Krafcik revealed that some 6% of “Black Card” holders own a Hyundai – a percentage shared with those who own Bentleys and Audis.

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