Friday, October 7, 2011

Camaro LS7 Concept 2010

2010 Camaro LS7 Concept SEMAThe LS7 Concept is one of the factory-prepped 2010 Camaros that will take center stage at GM's SEMA show stand at the Las Vegas convention center. Painted in a Victory Red finish with matte black accents on the hood and taillamp panel, the concept features an LS7 V8 crate engine with a high-performance replacement camshaft from GM Performance Parts helping it to produce around 550HP. The LS7 crate engine is hooked up to a production Tremec 6060 six-speed manual with a GM Performance Parts Hurst shifter.

2010 Camaro LS7 Concept SEMAOther upgrades include GM Performance Parts-developed headers and air intake system that will be offered at the Camaro's launch in early 2009. Furthermore, the LS7 is modified with a wet-sump oiling system that replaces the production engine's dry-sump system that requires an external oil tank.
Finally, GM's crew fitted the LS7 Concept with some additional features such as the Brembo four-wheel disc brake package, lowered ride height, custom 20-inch wheels, a driveshaft safety loop and a sports exhaust system.


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2010 Camaro LS7 Concept SEMA
2010 Camaro LS7 Concept SEMA
2010 Camaro LS7 Concept SEMA
2010 Camaro LS7 Concept SEMA
2010 Camaro LS7 Concept SEMA

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