Friday, October 7, 2011

Hyundai New Turbo Diesels

Hyundai has released details on its newest diesel powerplant, the "R-Engine" that was first previewed in prototype form on the 2008 Geneva Show HED-5 i-MODE concept. The all-aluminum R-Engine benefits from a third generation common rail system with piezo-electric injectors to deliver fuel at 1800-bar while it also features an electronic variable geometry turbocharger and an advanced engine control unit. The new powerplant will be available in two sizes, 2.0 and 2.2-litres with outputs of 184HP / 392Nm and 200HP /436Nm respectively. Hyundai said that the R-Engine will enter production in 2009 and will see its first application in new SUV vehicles and large saloons.

"R proves Hyundai's diesel development capabilities really are world-class. With diesels becoming cleaner and more fuel efficient all the time, there's a growing demand for diesel powerplants worldwide and Hyundai is well positioned to supply the market with the very best diesel technology," said Dr Hyun-Soon Lee, president of Hyundai's Corporate Research and Development Division.

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