Sunday, October 16, 2011

2011 Honda Insight Hybrid Refined with Suspension Changes and Trim Enhancements

The new Insight hybrid has only been around with us for a little over a year, yet Honda's UK division has just announced that the five-door hatch received a series of improvements that include suspension changes to enhance ride and comfort, and upgrades to the interior trim levels.

In a press statement, the Japanese automaker said changes made to the Insight "are in direct response to the comments received from early customers and the media", adding that the initial focus was on the car's suspension to address "negative feedback on ride and comfort levels."

In order to improve ride, handling and stability, Honda's engineers went ahead and performed a series of upgrades to the Insight's suspension including, adjusting the recoil rate of the springs, altering the rear camber angles, changing the V-shape rear suspension brace and adjusting mounts.

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