Friday, October 7, 2011

Nissan 370Z European 2008

Nissan 370Z Photos It's only been a week since Nissan dropped the first official shots of the brand-new 370Z into the web and even though the sports coupe is supposed to make its first public appearance at the upcoming 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show that runs November 21 to 30, the Japanese automaker revealed the vehicle to a handful of people somewhere in Europe. We're not sure whether it was a closed media session or if Nissan showed the new 'Z' to a few of its European employees, but fact is that someone managed to take a few shots and post them on an enthusiast forum.

Aside from the different color of the interior, the 370Z seen here is in the same gray/silver metallic finish as the car seen in the press shots. You can check out those photos and read all the initial info that we have on Nissan's new Z coupe by clicking here.

Nissan 370Z Photos
Nissan 370Z Photos

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