Saturday, October 1, 2011

Photos New Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z PrototypeThe countdown for the revelation of the much hyped Z car has begun. According to the folks over at Edmunds' Insideline who were invited by Nissan to take a "fair-play" sneak-peek at the all-new 370Z sports coupe, we won't have to wait until the Los Angeles Auto Show opening on November 21 to get our first glimpse of the 350Z's successor as the Japanese automaker will release official photos on October 29 followed by technical information on November 11.

The guys at Insideline who in their own words, "were allowed to look - as long as they didn't look too closely", not only managed to take a bunch of pictures of a lightly camouflaged 370Z (in and out) but they also got behind the wheel of one of the final stage prototypes. Apparently Nissan's decision to offer them a pair of blinkers didn't quite work out...

Link: Edmunds

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