Friday, February 3, 2012

Did Hyundai Omit 40mpg Claim on Elantra Super Bowl ad Because of Consumer Watchdog?

It happens to every new car buyer: you look at the car’s specs and among other things; you take notice of its official fuel economy numbers. Then you may discover that in real-world conditions, the mileage you eke out of a single tank is nowhere near the quoted figure.
The discrepancy is sometimes so big that you are either driving like a maniac (which in some cases may be true), or there’s something’s fishy with the official mileage estimates. Are consumers tricked by carmakers as far as fuel consumption is concerned, as some claim?
Consumer Watchdog (CW), a non-profit organization that advocates taxpayer and consumer interests, believes so and is making a fuss about it. The organization has urged the EPA to perform tests itself and has even threatened to employ “guerilla” tactics if its demands are not satisfied.
The latest issue was about Hyundai’s Super Bowl commercial for the 2012 Elantra that appeared on YouTube.

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