Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chinese expand Cars, The West Asian and North African Markets

In the experience of the gradually unforeseen scenario in European Asia and North African-american, Chinese suppliers companies have become more cautious in their overseas growth in these places.

In a business agreement meeting of Chinese suppliers, European Asian and North African-american companies, many companies said the technique of making an investment overseas would stay the same. However, they would pay more interest to danger assessment.

“Profits and trading markets are always the search of a organizatinn,” said Guo Jianzhong, associate of Tianjin Automobile Market (Group). He said the SUVs produced by his organization were very popular in Libya and The red sea. “Although there is doubt in European Asia and North African-american, as a organization proprietor we will keep create the overseas industry.”

Guo Jianzhong said currently his organization has organization working with five European Asian and North African-american countries, mainly engaged with vehicle business, with an annually business number of between 400 and 500 vehicles.

His organization is increasing its overseas economical dedication to enhance growth. “We estimated the will be raised to 50,000 by the end of this year. The business amount will enhance.”

Zhao , in-charge of the 4th Development Company of SINOPEC, said developing the market in oil producing countries was one of her organization's focuses. Her organization's main organization is with regards to petrochemical plants, refineries and power plants. Currently, her organization's overseas economical dedication focuses in Saudi Persia and UAE.

Since from the projects in Saudi Persia and UAE are nearly finish her organization is looking to succeed its trading markets in other countries. Advertise with my Blog sponsored reviews

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