Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What an Angry Bieber: The Bieb Stops Ferrari 458 in the Middle of LA Road to Confront Paparazzi

It's not only young, and in some rarer cases, much, much older girls (see Jenny McCarthy) that have a sensation with Justin Bieber, as the same can be said for certain grown men, albeit for altogether different reasons.
While driving his white-tastic Ferrari 458 Italia on a Los Angeles freeway, Bieber observed a paparazzi trying to catch up to him.
Further down the road, the photographer approached the Canadian-born singer and told him, "You're driving pretty crazy bro, I think you should slow down a little, don't you think?", which ultimately pissed off Bieber, who then stopped his car in the traffic to confront the chitty-chatty stalker holding the camera.

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