Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Jaguar C-X17 El-Camino Style Truck from Neverland

The general census on the C-X17 concept here on Carscoops is that most readers like what Jaguar is proposing for the compact luxury SUV segment. Needless to say, giving a thumbs up to a study and buying the production version if and when it comes out are two very different things…

Now, while the C-X17 crossover does stand a very good chance to come to life, especially since it's built on a new Jaguar platform already confirmed for use on a production car (the new BMW 3-Series challenging compact luxury sedan), we're 99.9 percent sure that this interpretation of the SUV will never see the day of light.

Crafted by the designer at X-Tomi Design, it proposes a two-door pickup truck body style for the C-X17.

Do check the independent rendering below and if any ideas about what a Jag like this could be named pops in mind, share the thought in the comments.


Jaguar C-X17-Truck

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