Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Walk Around Ford's LA Auto Show Booth

In this post we'll be taking a zippy run through Ford's Los Angeles Auto Show stand where the Blue Oval is showing a conceptual study for a next generation mid-size SUV with a global…Edge as well as a few other interesting models.

The Edge Concept is mildly disguised version of the production car that will be added to Ford's global lineup by 2015,  previewing its design language along with some new high-tech gadgets like the push-button and remote-operated parking feature that drivers can use from either inside or outside the vehicle.

Another cool looking model at Ford's booth is the re-bodied Shelby Mustang GT500 from next year's Need for Speed movie dressed in an impressive yet sleek looking body kit and massive wheels.

One last mention should be made to the Fusion Energi research vehicle that adopts the same renewable material used to produce Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle Technology packaging for seat cushions, seat backs, head restraints, door panel inserts and headliners.


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