Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Belarusian Rider Showing Off Slips and Gets Trapped Under his Bike…

Oh, yes, this is one of those videos that will force you to push your palm gently (or not) towards your face. Caught on film from a following vehicle's dashboard camera on the streets of Minsk in Belarus, the incident begins and ends with a frisky motorcycle rider showing off. However, it's what took place in between that interests us the most.

At a set of lights (about 45 seconds into the video), our energetic rider blasts off with a tail spin, but he didn't actually get away more than a few feet as his bike slipped and fell…on top of him.

In fact, he was trapped under the bike and several motorists had to jump out of their cars and get him out of this embarrassing situation. And no, he didn't learn anything. I think we’ll be seeing him in the near future in another video…


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