Wednesday, November 27, 2013

BMW Driver Won't Take Stop for an Answer from Russian Traffic Cop

A bizarre incident from Russia (yes, we know, what else is new…) that was partially caught on film is raising age-old questions about the way certain drivers behave on the road as well as their shady connections with law enforcement.

On November 7, traffic officer Andrew Yakimin attempted to stop a Bungle-butt BMW 7-Series with foreign plates because it had blacked out windows, which is illegal, in the city of Krasnodar in western Russia, but the driver refused to pull over.

Yakimin described the incident thusly to local new station Yugopilos:

"I placed a rod on the car and demanded that the driver stop," said Yakimin. "However, the driver failed to comply and continued to move. Since there was a traffic jam, I caught up with the car on foot and knocked on the window by hand, because I thought that the driver might have not seen my gesture to stop due to the tinted windows".

However, the driver of the foreign car the rolled down his window and cussed at the officer.

"I tried to reach for the ignition key to stop his attempt to leave," said Yakimin. – "The driver stepped on the accelerator pedal, but I grabbed the car with both hands and began to rest on the asphalt and screaming at him to stop, then he dragged me around 10-20 meters. At that moment, when I held the car door, he hit my hands and pushed me away. The car was going around 40 km/h. Then the driver stopped abruptly and I was thrown from the car," continued Yakimin.

The driver then jumped out of the BMW and attacked the officer.

"Our battle lasted about 20-30 seconds. I managed to get my gun," said Yakimin. – "The driver got into the car, moved sharply and hit me with the front part of the machine."

From what we understand, this is the scene that a pedestrian caught on his or her phone camera and which you can see in the video below.

Even though the BMW driver managed to get away at that point, with the help of a colleague, the dedicated Russian officer was able to apprehend the man and bring him to the police station. But guess what happened next? The man somehow escaped the police station and is now at large…


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