Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Braking Bad: Memphis Fire Truck Rams Concrete Barrier [NSFW]

Bystanders watching an apartment building wrapped in flames in Memphis, Tennessee, last Friday, were up for a second surprise when an approaching fire truck smashed into a fence and concrete barrier.

Fire Director Alvin Benson spoke to local news channel Wreg after the incident and blamed the accident on the 20-year old back-up truck's bad brakes. He added that the fire engine had been inspected hours before, but they found "nothing noticeably wrong with it".

Benson also used the incident as an opportunity to state that the fire department is in need of "a hundred new trucks" to serve Memphis, but they only get a few new ones a year, forcing them to keep older vehicles in service for longer periods.

“Certainly, we have an aging fleet.  It’s worn out, beat down and over time responding to emergencies, it needs to be replaced,” said Joe Norman from the Memphis Fire Fighters Association.

You can watch the video below, but be warned; adult language is used.


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