Thursday, November 7, 2013

Canadian Team Looking to Crowd-Fund 3D Printed Car for Coast to Coast Trip

There are many approaches to the future, but highly likely, problem of overcrowding roads and the inherent nonrenewability of oil. The Canadian URBEE project proposes one that uses 3D printing technologies, and a kind of homemade hybrid system that mates a small ethanol-fueled engine to two electric motors for extreme efficiency.

No exact figures are given, but the URBEE 2, the second prototype they’ve built, does reach a top speed of 110 km/h o 69 mph. However, we can still call it extremely efficient, though, because of the creators’ stated plan to cross the United States from east (New York) to west (San Francisco) using just 10 gallons of fuel, or 38 liters.

If they succeed, the trip, which Google calculated would take them 44 days (at least), will make history because it will be the mark the first time such a vehicle has undertaken such a feat.

It won’t happen now, but it’s planned to commence in around two years’ time, with the help of the crowds. There’s definite promise here – a lot more than that hoverboard project we featured a while back, that’s for certain.

Do make sure to scroll down and click play on the first of the videos posted below – project leader Jim Kor will fill in any of the blanks you may still have.

By Andrei Nedelea




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