Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Check Out Nissan's LA Auto Show Sentra NISMO Concept

Nissan had informed us about it intentions to release a new NISMO concept at the LA Auto Show this week, but it hadn't said what that car might be. You can thank the spies at Chris Doane Photography for giving us an early heads up on the concept that's based on the latest Sentra Sedan.

Full information will follow in the next couple of hours, but from these two images, we see that NISMO has done its best to give the family-orientated Sentra sedan an aggressive look through the use of bespoke bumpers and spoilers, honeycombed grilles, and of course, bigger wheels with the appropriate rubber.

Knowing NISMO, there should also be a power upgrade and chassis improvements, but more on that once we read the official release.



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