Thursday, November 21, 2013

Consumer Reports Says Jaguar F-Type is "a British Corvette" that Sounds and Looks Great

There was nothing really new that Consumer Reports could have added to the series of tests and reviews of the Jaguar F-Type that we’ve seen so far, at least not in terms of the way it drives and/or drifts or the pretty styling that everybody, including ourselves likes.

However, they did approach the drop-top Jag from a more practical perspective, and even here, it was found to meet the criteria.

As we’ve already heard, the F-Type in roadster form (we'll see if Jaguar has improved the coupe in this department) is not the best handler in its niche, being outclassed around the bends by the Porsche Cayman S and Boxster S, but it’s still pegged as being engaging to drive and very controllably tail-happy – it’s handling limits are easily approachable.

In fact, reviewer Tom Mutchler even calls it “a British Corvette,” though he goes on to say that he does not mean it in any kind of pejorative way - it's actually a compliment...

Speaking of the aforementioned practical aspects, CR praises the two-door’s seats, liberal use of stitched leather and the quick-operating electric soft top that stows away in 12 seconds.

Not that you needed more incentive to conjure up additional mental pictures of yourself holding its thick-rimmed wheel, but the full video drive lies (with a bonus track from Jay Leno's Garage) after the virtual jump, below.

By Andrei Nedelea


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