Monday, November 18, 2013

Cops Shoot at Minivan Mom with Five Kids Who Was Running Away from a Speeding Ticket

There is a fine line between enforcing the law and making ill use the power that you are bestowed with as a noble and honorable police officer. You are given a uniform, badge and gun in order to protect citizens, their rights and their safety, but as we’ve seen numerous times before, this line of work can bring out the worst in people, as was the case with this shocking incident from outside of Taos, New Mexico, involving a mother, Oriana Ferrell, and the minivan she used to ferry her five kids inside.

As you’ll notice in the dash cam video posted below, which is from October 28, she is pulled over, but acts erratically and enters an argument with the police officer who informs her that the reason for her pulling over was a speed limit infraction noted a few miles back, when she was reportedly doing 71 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Long story short, she tries to make a break for it as the officer returns to the squad car, but is then pulled over again and convinced at taserpoint to get out of the car. However, her eldest son of 14 years-old also gets out and tries to attract the cop's attention in his direction, which he does, allowing his mom to get back into the driver’s seat.

As she does that, he too gets back in the minivan that then speeds off, while a different officer pumps rounds into the back of the people mover for good measure. Why does he do that knowingly? He must not really like kids or probably felt threatened by the 14 year-old and his cap that was not perfectly lined up.


Ed. note [John Halas]: While I certainly agree with Andrei that the cops should have never used ammunition on a car packed with kids (that's unacceptable), I must add that, in my opinion, the mother acted in an irresponsible way as well. For one, she should have never be going so fast (given what the officer reported was true) with five kids inside, but more importantly, she should have never placed her children in such a dangerous predicament in the first place by driving away not once, but twice from the cops. What do you think?

Story References: Gawker & KRGE


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