Friday, November 22, 2013

DMC Envisions a Hardcore Ferrari LaFerrari FXXR

Even if the LaFerrari will be one of the Italian brand's most exclusive supercars ever with no more than 499 to be produced in its lifetime, Ferrari's past suggests that some sort of one or more small runs of special editions will be made.

It's too early for Ferrari to divulge details on such plans, but German magazine Autobild approached local super- and luxury car tuner DMC to imagine what a hardcore yet still street-legal version of the Ferrari in the spirit of the Enzo FXX and 599 XX would look like.

The result is the LaFerrari FXXR, which in digital form, has adopted all sorts of aero enhancements, from carbon fiber lip spoilers and canards, to a rear wing and roof scoop, plus a racing livery and track-style wheels.

DMC didn't miss the opportunity to offer something of the sort to interested customers, stating the following in a press release it sent over our way:

"Who knows…it sure wouldn’t hurt getting in touch with DMC for more details … sometimes dreams can come true you know, all it takes is an avid enthusiast that wants to own a masterpiece like no other."



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