Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Forza 5 Reviews Are In: Impressions Are Good Despite Fewer Courses and Cars than Before

Despite having less tracks and vehicles for players to choose from compared to its appreciated predecessor, Forza 5 still makes a good first next-gen impression on Microsoft’s new and slightly buggy Xbox One that just hit store shelves earlier this month.

Reviews for the driving game are generally quite positive, though none fail to mention the lower diversity and the fact that the game’s career mode can feel a bit like “grinding” in an online roleplaying game – it’s repetitive and only the Top Gear commenters’ amusing interventions keep it from becoming a chore;

Naturally, most of the reviewers’ attention is drawn to the new graphics that are a noticeable improvement, though some models are carried over and merely updated from the previous title. Still, it’s not as bad as Gran Turismo’s Premium and non-Premium cars distinction, but it’s reportedly noticeable for those familiar with Forza 4.

What it all comes down to is its driving physics which are said to be better than before, the graphics which we can see are better and the experience as a whole; this is where Forza 5 delivers, despite not being as complex a title as it could have been, leaving a big gap for later downloadable packs (DLCs) to correct it, like the developers have been saying a long time ahead of the actual launch.

It just feels like a game held back in order to be improved at a later date and at extra cost.

By Andrei Nedelea


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