Friday, November 22, 2013

Hamann Wheels Up the BMW X5 F15

For decades now, BMW has been offering a very wide selection of alloy wheel options and designs for its cars, and which usually, satisfy most consumers. Nevertheless, you cannot make everyone happy, which is why aftermarket brands like Hamann Motorsports exist.

It's always good to see a car wearing these rims and in its latest release, Hamann has shared photos of its line of alloy wheels for the new BMW X5 crossover, which in this case, comes with the manufacturer's M Sport Package.

The rims you see fitted here on the F15 X5 are 22- and 23-inches in diameter. While they do fill up the wheel arches nicely, one should always be aware of the negative sides of such tall and super-low profile tires, especially in terms of comfort and ride quality.



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