Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hyundai Brings Walking Dead Edition of Tucson to Life

It looks like we won't make it without seeing at least one production Hyundai wearing The Walking Dead moniker on the road. After more concepts that most of you would care to recall, Hyundai has made the decision to build a limited run of Tucson crossovers (supposedly) inspired by the Robert Kirkman's series of comics that will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Naturally, the production Tucson "The Walking Dead" limited edition will be nowhere near as post-apocalyptic or cool as Hyundai's concepts for the series.

You probably won't be able to tell from these two teaser photos, but according to Hyundai, the limited run model sports an Ash Black exterior with a subtle red accent graphics package and dedicated exterior and interior badges, along with roof rack cross rails, mudguards, and custom floor and cargo mats.

Nothing much really, but Hyundai will look to sweeten up the deal with a "custom Zombie Survival Kit – a Walking Dead 72-hour survivalist’s backpack, a necessary item for any zombie “prepper” – and a Walking Dead Tucson Quick Reference Guide".

More details on the car are to be announced early next year when it goes on sale in the States.


2013 LAIAAS Hyundai Party 2013 LAIAAS Hyundai Party

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