Monday, November 4, 2013

I Couldn’t Say No to this Ferrari F40 with a Custom Exhaust

If you had a Ferrari F40, I bet that you, like me, would not touch it inappropriately in any way, and keep it stock. It’s great just the way it is, and with its performance numbers still being comparable to those of modern supercars and a timeless look, why would you?

However, I think there’s nothing wrong about swapping out its stock exhaust system for a louder one. It doesn’t affect the car in any other way, really, and it’s completely reversible, should you decided to sell it on with the aim to pass it on as a complete original. The results speak for themselves, as the video posted below courtesy of YouTube author NM2255.

He just uploaded an onboard and flame-spitting video featuring an F40 with a custom Tubi Style exhaust. This has a significant effect on the sound note, which comes out really clearly in the high quality HD video. It just sounds rawer than stock F40s we’ve heard before, and it also retains the trademark three pipe design at the back.

By Andrei Nedelea


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