Monday, November 4, 2013

In the Market for a Used Porsche 911 (997) GT3? This Video Has all you Need to Know

Now that the new Porsche (991) 911 has been around for a while, we’ve already seen its GT3 derivative, and it is just as hot as we were expecting it to be, frankly…

However, it’s appearance does not in any way detract from the appeal of the previous-gen car (the 997), originally launched in GT3 trim in 2006. If you’re in the market to get one, then scroll down because it’s all detailed in the AutoTrader video posted after the break.

The 997 GT3 (RS or not), in any type of spec and engine option, is considered to be one of the most focused road-going cars you can buy. One of the reasons why it was made was so that Porsche could homologate parts for racing use, parts that it shares with the track-only cars. Those who have had a go in one say it definitely feels it, and that seems to be the consensus among the plethora of video reviews dedicated to praising it.

One in good condition will still cost over $100,000, even now, though most have very few miles on them and it’s the kind of unique car that gets bought by an enthusiast who will cherish it – the 2006-2007 3.6-liter 415 hp cars are obviously the cheapest. We added three links to ones that are for sale now, for reference: eBay Link 1, eBay Link 2, and Link 1.

By Andrei Nedelea


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