Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just a Couple of BMW M5 'Ring Taxis Having Fun Around Corners

If you happen to have an automotive bucket list, then you should definitely include a ride in BMW's M5 Nürburgring Taxi. This new video shot by a YouTube user from the outside gives you a taste of what to expect – if it doesn't, we've added a few more onboard clips.

The ride involves a BMW Driving Experience instructor behind the wheel of a latest generation BMW M5, the one with the twin-turbocharged V8 capable of delivering 560PS (552hp) and 0-100km/h (62mph) run time of 4.3 seconds.

You'll have to make plans and book ahead, with the "taxi service" open between April and October. As far as costs are concerned, this roller-coaster experience for adults is currently priced at €225 (US$306) per car, which means you can split it via three dropping it to a more reasonable €75 (US$102) per person, just as long as you don't get into a childish fight about who sits in front…


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