Friday, November 22, 2013

Kawasaki Shows Off Shape-Shifting Three-Wheeler EV Concept in Tokyo [w/Video]

Real vehicles that don’t only reside in the world of 3D generated and rendered models don’t come any more futuristic-looking than this, the Kawasaki J concept, shown at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Calling it a three-wheeler EV is an understatement, because it not only looks like it’s from 2025, but it’s also a shape-shifter with two wheels at the front and one wider one at the back.

The front fork can pivot between a low-slung high-speed position to a more upright stance that is designed for low-speed riding (driving?) with improved maneuverability characteristics.

The unorthodox approach to its design is continued to the way you control it. There are no handlebars or a steering wheel in sight, and you steer it by turning two individual handles that in turn angle the wheels to change direction.

Like we said in regards to the Nissan IDx Freeflow concepts, if this is the manufacturer’s idea of the future, then we’re really interested and want to see more. Check out the photo gallery and the video (courtesy of Reuters) below to see what we’re on about here.

By Andrei Nedelea




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