Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lamborghini Grinds Our Gears with Gallardo's Replacement Facebook Sharing Teaser

It's only been 24 hours since the last Gallardo rolled off Lamborghini's assembly line on Monday, and the Italian sports carmaker has already kicked off an online campaign for its replacement, rumored, but not officially confirmed yet, to be named the Cabrera.

That's all fine and dandy, but there's something very frustrating about the way Lamborghini has chosen to promote the unveiling of the car through a microsite that brings you to an icon of an engine starter and the following caption:

"Listen to your instinct. Discover the roar of the new creature from Lamborghini. That will be just the beginning."

To open the microsite, you have to "like" the page on Facebook and accept the fact that Lamborghini will have access to your profile and friends -which I hesitantly did for researching purposes, but the thing is, even if you do accept, nothing happens…

On Lamborghini's FB page, member Dominic C. posted: "I left my mail and shared to my facebook but seems nothing works yet," to which the Italians replied, "You just have to wait and keep sharing. The more you share the faster you discover!".

Really Lamborghini; "the more you keep sharing"? No thanks, think I'll pass…

Update: To make it work and hear the five-second engine roar after you "like" the microsite on FB, you have to return to the front page (or just click here)and hit the start button. To do so again, you have to refresh the page as the start button disappears...



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