Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lexus Adds Details to Back up 2014 CT200h Facelift

The Lexus CT200h was never among the popular compact premium hatchbacks, despite always looking distinctive, boasting a good interior and driving dynamics as well as an efficient powertrain.

The revamped 2014 model is still the same basic car, but with a number of improvements, the most prominent of which being the noticeable new front fascia that features the marque’s new trademark grille whose shape gets accentuated in the F-Sport trim.

Move to the side of the new CT and if you’re familiar with the old car, you’ll immediately spot the new 16- and 17-inch alloys and shark fin roof antenna, while at the back there’s a reshaped bumper and revised lights too. All is complimented by a choice of 11 color choices that promise to be scratch-resistant and have a self-restoring top coat.

The interior was the CT’s strong point all along, and the recent updates do extend to it too, making it even better, albeit in a fairly minor way. There’s a new steering wheel from the IS sedan, through which you can see the full 4.2-inch digital gauge cluster, if you tick its box on the options list.

Dashboard inserts have also been revised, as has the choice of colors for the center console; buyers can choose from five insert finishes that include special wood or metal trim for those looking to achieve a more modern inside vibe. “A revised upholstery range now includes one new, Topaz Brown leather, and updated Red, Brown and Ocean Blue fabric finishes.”

The manufacturer is also boasting about the “significant reductions in emissions,” which have been lowered from 94 to 88 g/km CO2 on cars fitted with 16-inch rims, while ones riding on smaller 15-inch wheels see the figure drop from 87 to 82 g/km. This comes to complete the performance mods that have been operated on the 2014 CT200h.

Structural rigidity has apparently been improved over the non-facelifted model via “additional spot welding and the extensive use of structural adhesive technology.” By doing this, the suspension setup has also seen alterations and is reportedly more comfortable than before without sacrificing any of the cornering capability.

A hot turbocharged non-hybrid version is reportedly being considered these days too.

By Andrei Nedelea



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