Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Maserati Records Three Times Better Stateside Sales in October

If Maserati wants to become a major global luxury player, its cars need to appeal to US customers too, and it seems that the new model offensive as well as the introduction of optional all-wheel drive are slowly turning the tide in their favor.

For the month of October, they sold 186 percent more cars Stateside than they did last year, and this also helped their year to date figure, which currently stands testament to them having sold 29 percent more cars so far in 2013.

The news was commented on by Maserati North America President and CEO, Bob Graczyk, who stated the following:

"All-Wheel-Drive is a game changer for Maserati. Not only is it welcome in cold weather markets where this feature is appreciated, S Q4 also provides genuine Maserati performance with added excitement in markets where snow and ice are not an issue."

The boost in sales was also made possible by the expansion of their US dealer network, which currently has 77 locations scattered across the country. Moreover, the biggest climb in sales is yet to come, as the cheaper (and we say better looking) Ghibli is set to start arriving in showrooms this month – it too can be had with all-wheel drive, and the reviews have pegged it as being a very competent and fun to drive car. Its V6 engine also sounds very unique too…

By Andrei Nedelea



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