Thursday, November 21, 2013

New Zinoro 1E, The All-Electric BMW X1 Made in and for China, Debuts at Guangzhou Auto Show

If you're aware about China's massive counterfeit business, you may easily be tempted to call out Zinoro for cloning the BMW X1 crossover, but that is far away from the truth. It's actually BMW itself that has cloned the X1 to create the new all-electric 1E crossover for its newly established local brand Zinoro. The car made its world premiere today at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

Zinoro is a joint-venture between BWM and their local manufacturing partner Brilliance Auto, with the name meaning promise in the local language.

BMW says Zinoro's goal is to become "a premium Chinese brand that is caring, respectful and contemporary", adding that, "ZINORO 1E is not aiming at sales volume of today. Instead, it is future-oriented to build the ZINORO brand image, raise customer understanding and acceptance of electric vehicle, and drive the commercialization of electric vehicles."

On the styling front, BMW's designers made subtle changes to the car's front end and rear end eliminating some, but not all, BMW cues like the double kidney grille, and adding new bumpers and head/tail light clusters. More of the same applies to the lightly tweaked interior that hasn't changed much from the X1.

BMW calls the Zinoro E1 an…ESAV, which stands for Electric Sports Activity Vehicle. Under the metal, there's an electric motor likely sourced from the i3 - since it develops the same 125kw (168hp / 170PS) and 250Nm (184 lb-ft) of peak torque, and three lithium batteries mounted at the front under the engine hook, the center and the rear replacing traditional gasoline tank. Luggage space stands at a respectable 306 liters.

According to the automaker, the E1 has a top speed of 130km/h (81mph) and a driving range of up to 150 kilometers (93 miles), with a full charge taking 7.5 hours.

Standard features will include a navigation system, Bluetooth, Auto A/C, Multi-function leather steering wheel, front seat adjustment electric with memory for driver's, PDC, Rain sensor, seat heating for driver and front passenger etc. Active safety technologies include ESP, PSS, and Tire Pressure Monitor.

BMW's China brand said that in order to "attract and encourage" more customers to accept electric vehicles, the 1E will be offered initially as a lease, with the company to open up stores Beijing and Shanghai for brand communication and customer service, beginning from early next year.

Live photos via Auto-Sina



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