Monday, November 25, 2013

Nissan Announces Unchanged US Pricing for Minimally Updated 2014 Cube

Joy of joys for the exactly three point five people that were thinking of buying a Cube; Nissan has announced updated pricing information for the car, that surprisingly is still on sale in the US, despite only shifting 297 cars in October of this year (versus 475 in 2012) and 24.9 percent less overall all year round.

They are trying to keep its asymmetrical awkwardness appealing, by not changing the price set in 2012, yet adding some features and doing a slight reshuffling of the trims.

Thus, the 2014 Cube, with a six-speed manual transmission starts from $16,760 in S trim, while a SL-spec model with a CVT is $18,860. The latter adds fog lights, sat-nav with 5-inch touchscreen, rear-view camera, a Rockford Fosgate 8-inch subwoofer and amp setup, plus six speakers and digital radio to top it all off; USB, iPhone/iPod and regular aux-in connections are also provided. You will be able to crank up the music so hard you’ll forget that you’re driving a Japanese vending machine on wheels.

Real actual updates for 2014 are sparse, though, and aside from the minimal trim changes, it’s pretty much the same Cube we all know and… well, you know. It does offer a new exterior color, but Nissan added it while removing another – Caspian Sea replaces Bitter Chocolate, while “a bold palette of eight colors is offered, along with Black or Light Gray interiors.”

Do also check out the (slightly older) review also posted along with the official gallery - it's from three years ago, but the Cube is even older than that, so it should still be an accurate assessment of its qualities and niggles.

By Andrei Nedelea


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