Friday, November 22, 2013

Please, Just Stay Away As Far As You Can from This Driver

If you live in, or for any reason, have plans to visit the Russian city of Saratov, you can do yourself a favor and keep on the lookout for this young woman driving a blue sedan (upon a quick glance, our first guess is that it could be an older Nissan Teana).

Admittedly, many people have problems entering or exiting a parking spot, but what took place here is just baffling. And to think that she had her female friend stand outside and behind the car (obviously, not the wisest decision she ever made) to help her navigate the road and warn her about oncoming cars.

As you'll soon see for yourself, the cars coming from behind were the least of her worries…

Meet one of the world's worst drivers in the video that follows.


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