Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shelby Brings Back the Mustang GT Package for the Budget-Minded at LA Auto Show

Shelby is trying to offer a little bit of everything to Ford Mustang owners, from the insane 1,200-horsepower 1000 S/C with an equally crazy price tag of $154,995, to the new basic GT package, presented today at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Created for the 2014 Mustang GT, which in factory grade, starts at $30,900 and comes with a 5.0-liter V8 delivering 420hp and 390 lb-ft of peak torque, the Shelby GT model will cost you an extra $14,995, raising the total price to $45,895.

Output gains are minimal, as the Shelby branded exhaust, intake and engine tune add a mere 10hp for a total of 430hp. The rest of the money goes to a number of handling bits like the Ford Racing suspension, better brakes, 20-inch alloys in performance tires, a short shifter, a different fascia, a fiberglass hood and Le Mans stripes, just to mention a few.

"Based on the standard Mustang GT, the total cost of our entry-level 2014 Shelby GT is only about $45,000, yet offers so much more than the previous model," said, Gary Patterson, Shelby American VP of Sales. "The performance-to-price ratio makes the Shelby GT perfect for any serious pony car enthusiast."



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