Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sounds of Porsche: 911 GT3 vs. Panamera Turbo vs. Macan SUV

Engine sounds play a big part in the driving experience, and it is something that car enthusiasts always pay attention to, regardless of the type of vehicle. Regular buyers do too, but usually, they're more interested in the…lack of any mechanical noises.

Porsche, as maker of sports cars (okay, with a few V6 crossover exceptions), understands that need and tunes its exhausts accordingly, from the track treat that is the 911 GT3, to the mature family man's Panamera Turbo sedan and the upcoming (and soon to be its best-selling model), the new Macan compact luxury SUV.

In the following videos released by German magazine Autobild, we get to hear all three of the aforementioned Porsche vehicles.

While, I expected to like the GT3 the most, it was too raspy for my tastes and my vote landed on the angry lion roar-style sounds produced by the Panamera's turbo'd V8. Which one did you like the most?


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