Friday, November 22, 2013

Static Review of the All-New 2105 Mini Hatch

While this is probably the first review of the all-new Mini you’re going to see, it’s not a regular one. You won’t hear opinions about the car’s handling, nor the engine’s noise in this video, simply because it’s a static review.

However, AutoExpress magazine reviewer Matthew Watson got inside the new Mini, where he noticed some interesting changes have been made. The quality is better thanks to softer plastics and better looking material, with a more upscale feel overall.

Some buttons have changed position (the window switches are now on the doors), while the huge round central display no longer shows the speed, with all the relevant driving information moved to the motorcycle-style instruments behind the steering wheel.

Some things never change in a Mini, however: although there’s more space in the back than before, it’s still cramped. Scroll down to find what else is new about the latest Mini hatch.

By Dan Mihalascu


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