Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Subaru's 2015 Legacy Concept Looks Good in the Flesh

We have pretty much exhausted the matter on Subaru's promising concepts and disappointing production cars, so we're just going to concentrate on the new Legacy study itself in this post where we have live photos of the car from the LA Auto Show floors.

Yes, some will surely find lines and details that remind them of current or upcoming cars (click to see what we mean), but overall, the Legacy in its conceptual form, looks good and is a welcome departure from the company's utterly bland and forgettable (design-wise) mid-size series currently on sale.

Its four-door coupe-like roofline and strong belt line give the concept a sporty feel that's further enhanced by the angry face with the hexagonal grille and the flared wheel arches.

As for the cabin, most bits are purely concept, but we could see the dashboard layout loosely forming the base for the new Legacy that should arrive within the next year or so.





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