Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Subaru Cross Sport Concept Has a BRZ Shooting Brake Flair to it [w/Video]

The funny thing about Subaru's presence at the ongoing Tokyo Motor Show is that, the concept it provided close to zero information about, is the one gathering most of the attention from the press.

Yes, we're talking about the Cross Sport Concept, which everyone believes is likely loosely based on the BRZ sports coupe, even though Subaru has said nothing of the sort.

In fact, the only tidbits revealed about the car, which resembles a BRZ modeled after a shooting brake and a crossover, is that it measures 4.3 meters or about 169 inches long and weighs in at a little over 2,700 pounds (~1,230 kg).

If it is indeed built around the BRZ, would you consider it a worthwhile addition to the range? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.




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