Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tesla Releases Video to Assure Owners of Model S’ Winter Worthiness

If you ever wondered whether the retracting door handles of the Tesla Model S would be able to break the ice that forms over them if you leave the car stationary overnight in icy condition, apparently they can.

Not only that, but the all-electric sedan is reportedly very capable on snowy roads, even without all-wheel drive, thanks to its advanced traction control system.

That makes quite a bit of sense, and is emphasized in the official video released by the manufacturer to quell winter related fears that new owners may be having.

You may remember the electric Mercedes SLS AMG video that explains the benefits of torque vectoring for battery-powered cars – it was instant and much more controllable, therefore allowing much finer adjustments than those that would be possible for a conventional internal combustion engine.

Moreover, some Norwegian reviewers put the Model S through its winter paces earlier this year, and it passed their tests with no problem, looking like it was a lot of fun in the snow too…

By Andrei Nedelea


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