Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Texas Woman Drives Kia Rondo on Highway with Flat Tire on Fire [Updated]

We've added a second video that shows the Kia engulfed in flames and firefighters trying to extinguish the blaze

Smoking hot, you say? Well, yes, but literally, not metaphorically… You see, YouTube author Miguel Alvarez and his buddy noticed a Kia Rondo on Interstate 635 in Garland Texas with smoke and fire coming out under the front wheel arch on the driver's side.

As the two men approached the Korean minivan, they immediately saw what had happened: the lady behind the wheel, who had her safety signals on, was apparently aware that something was wrong with the car, but hadn't noticed that the flat tire had actually turned into a rolling ball of fire…

Who knows, maybe she thought her car was fitted with run-flats or she believed she could make it to the next exit with a busted tire.

Feel free to watch the video, which for the record, was filmed in May last year, right past the break.


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