Friday, November 22, 2013

What a Shame: Two Young Soldiers Drown to Save Military Chief's SUV from Floods in Bolivia

Warning: Some viewers may find the following video difficult to watch

It's always a shame when somebody dies, but it's even more painful when young peoples' lives are drastically cut short in a tragic and sudden manner, which is what happened to a military cadet and a soldier who drowned in Bolivia earlier this week while trying to save their military chief's private car, a Nissan X Terra.

A flash flood that hit the area had swept away the SUV, with the military chief jumping in the waters in a desperate attempt to rescue his vehicle. The man asked for help with two young cadets and a soldier coming to his aid - unfortunately, only one of the three men made it out alive.

The military chief was unharmed and was able to find and rescue his vehicle, which was found at a distance of 15 miles away, but at what price? As pointed out by local journalist Ramiro Quiroga in one of his tweets, "the two young men gave up their lives up not for their homeland, but for their chief"…and his shiny ride.


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