Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why Do I Find Myself Fancying Ken Okuyama's Yanmar Y-Concept YT01 Tractor?

Perhaps it’s the kid inside me or the harsh North Eastern weather stealthily waiting around the corner, but whatever it is, I was more impressed with the Yanmar Y-Concept YT01 Advanced Tractor than any of the other vehicles displayed at Ken Okuyama Design's Tokyo Motor Show booth, including the Kode9 coupe that we told you about earlier today.

While not new, as the Yanmar Y-Concept YT01 Advanced Tractor has been shown before, it's an impressive site to behold nonetheless. The all-road, all-weather tractor was designed in cooperation with Japanese diesel engine and tractor manufacturer Yanmar.

According to Ken Okuyama Design, "it incorporates an advanced GPS satnav system that will eventually enable it to work autonomously, thus improving yields".

Since were on the subject of Ken Okuyama Design, we'll add that the Japanese studio also presented the Kode7 Exclusive, which is a special edition version of the original Kode7 displayed at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show. It comes with a 230-horsepower turbocharged four, and a starting price of 25 million Yen (US$25,000 or €18,500).


Ken Okuyama-Co1Ken Okuyama-Co2Ken Okuyama-Co3Ken Okuyama-Co4Ken Okuyama-Co5Ken Okuyama-Co6Ken Okuyama-Co7Ken Okuyama-Co8Ken Okuyama-Co9Ken Okuyama-Co10Ken Okuyama-Co11


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